Gratitude Meditation 

This very short meditation will help you to elevate your energy vibrations and help you to manifest what would you like to your life. 
Even if you don't feel fantastic now, keep being grateful, as already happen. 

Energy Awareness Meditation

To activate your pineal gland and heart chakra

This short Energy Awareness Meditation will help you to stay relax and calm in the current situation we are experiencing. 
It will help to elevate your energy vibrations to happiness, peace, love, joy …, helping you feel calmer in more relax. If you are struggling with heightened, stress, anxiety and overwhelm in these current circumstances. Please don’t suffer in silence. Remember, keeping the social distance and self-isolation doesn't mean you are alone and please don't feel lonely, thanks to the technology we are closer than ever, reach out, we are here to help you. 

Visualization to be able to breathe 

Are you experience breathing difficulties with today's hazardous smoke in Sydney? 

It is heartbreaking to hear the news about the fires,  the people directly affected and the wildlife.
But today, everyone in Sydney got also affected by this hazardous smoke.
Let’s put our thoughts and prayers consciously and let’s keep asking for rain that is desperately needed. Thank you to all the firefighters, rescue team and volunteers helping to control those fires! 
In the meantime, for those who have difficulties breathing or suffering of Asthma, please find above a very short meditation & visualization you can do and repeat several times. It may assist you to breathe easily.
Visualise yourself in a safe place, where the air is fresh and crisp, your lungs are expanding and your chest relaxing. You are safe and it is easy to breathe.   

Breathing Exercise to Reduce Anxiety

Breathing exercises could help you to calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

The exercises are so simple, but we need to make sure we are breathing properly. That means when we breathe air the blood cells will receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. When our breathing is shallow, we can distress the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and it could contribute to anxiety, fatigue and other physical and emotional symptoms. Do this Dr. Weil's breathing exercise twice a day, better once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. 

Welcome  Magical 2020

New beginnings, new resolutions, new intentions. 
Elevate your energy and heal! 

Enhancing your Soul & Mind 


Six Actions Points to enhance your connection

Follow Your Intuition 


Practice following your intuition in everyday situations. Focus on the present and emphasise the good things you are accomplishing, whether they are big or small tasks. As you learn to trust yourself, you will build your confidence and believe.

Positive Thinking 


A positive mental attitude can help to transform your energy and turn that positive energy into a reality. Your mind is extremely powerful and when you fill it with positive thoughts, positive changes will manifest in your life.

Forgiveness and Compassion 


Nurturing these traits will allow you to release suppressed emotions. You have to be able to forgive and be kind to yourself through self-acceptance, then be forgiving and show compassion to others. 

Have a Strong Reason for Living 


A positive mind nurtures happiness, health and wealth! The more you engage with a meaningful life, the more you will be able to connect with your deeper purpose, engage with people and find your clear direction.

Good Nutrition 


Healthy food leads to a healthy lifestyle. It can also be the safest and most powerful form of medicine. Eating well can help you to elevate your vibrations by making you feel happier and more energetic.

Daily meditation 


This will allow you to deepen your spiritual connection. Daily meditation has hundreds of proven benefits, both physical and psychological. Start meditating for 15 minutes a day and you will be able to experience how amazing it is!

Positive Affirmations

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Feel the affirmations in your heart, soul and mind!

The visualisation and repetition of positive self-affirmations as a daily practice can improve your life by:

• Elevating your energy vibration
• Encouraging an optimistic mindset
• Making you resilient to difficulties

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